Rainbow Beach voted Australia's Best Winter Beach

Rainbow Beach is one of the best beaches on the globe.
The 23km long sweep of beach that offers spectacular stretches of coloured sand cliffs has just been voted Australia's best winter beach by Traveller.
Rainbow got the number one spot in front of Cable Beach in Western Australia as the best beach to get out and explore during the colder months.
Traveller said Rainbow Beach was the perfect place "to canter along a beach amid a shimmer of spray".
The travel website said winter was the perfect time to take a horse ride along Rainbow Beach.
"The balmy Queensland winters mean you don't even have to rug up and if you are better on four wheels than four legs, the beach is also open to four wheel drives as well."
The win comes on top of Rainbow being named as one of the nine most beautiful beaches in the world by Huffington Post earlier this year. "Vibrant rainbow-coloured sand dunes hug the beaches of this gorgeous coastal town," was the online blog's description.
Lonely Planet has also recognised the beauty of the coloured sands.
The global travel guide listed Rainbow as one of the top 10 most unusual beaches in the world, saying "Not content with merely taking on an unusual colour like red or green, Rainbow Beach takes on a myriad".