Harvey and the Humpbacks arrive in Queensland

Forget Bieber Fever - Catch the grandest spectacle of the year when front man Harvey and his band of 7000 humpbacks hit waters of Great Sandy Straits! From July to November, the band of whales is kept busy teaching their calves to breach, lob-tail, pectoral-slap and head-lunge and you can get front-row seats on any of the whale watching tours taking place every day. They might even give you a cheeky wink and a nudge.

Not only in town to perform to sell-out crowds, Harvey and the Humpbacks will be hard at work on a hit new song that will travel through migrating pods around the world. Researchers at The University of Queensland have found that male humpback whales ‘change their tune' every year during their migration across the Pacific. UQ PhD student Ellen Garland said, just like rock stars, no humpback wants to become irrelevant. “We believe the song is continually changing because the males wish to be novel or slightly different to the male singing next to them.” 

Like a chance meeting with your lifelong idol, a close encounter with the humpbacks is an intimate and humbling experience, and definitely one to tick off your bucket list.